Four Things To Avoid With Roofers When Looking To Hire A Company


Construction companies use many different clauses in their contracts. That is why( as the homeowner) you need to understand some of the basics before you hire a roofing company for your project.

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We say that because some companies have been taken to court due to a lack of understanding of the contracts. Each side believes what they want to believe. In many cases, the judge is going to side with the company. That is why you need to understand what is happening in the contract and why.

1) You are going to incur big penalties for canceling(particularly, after the fact). The companies create those contracts for a reason. You cannot just cancel the project without a good reason. You also cannot cancel the project without a proper warning.

Say, for example, that you decide to cancel the project due to whatever reason you site. You need to give the roofing contractor a decent amount of time to take care of their side.

When you cancel something, your cancellation is not just about you. It affects everyone, across the board. The reason you get the heavy penalties is due to the damages the company incurs.

The company is out of a lot of money when you cancel something. They have to eat a lot of costs. Your project would have brought in some money that helps their bottom line. You might think that the heavy penalties are unfair. However, in truth, they are very fair. That is why there is a clause in the contract for a time like that.

They add in the clause so that you take the right steps to ensure that something like that will not happen.

Contingency Agreement

This is an agreement that protects both sides. It protects the contractor if there is a last-minute change om the homeowner’s end. It also protects you against any fewer minute changes(such as a delay) on the side of the contractor.

The one thing I will caution you on is signing an agreement with a storm chasing company. Storm chasers offer things like guarantees and claims( none of which are backed up), Flight-by-night roof repair, and do not know the laws( nor do they want to).

It is important to pay attention to what company you choose. Signing a contingency agreement with a storm chasing company is not going to benefit you, it will benefit them.

2) Please make sure that the date of completion is included in the contract. It will be very hard to get the results you want if you fail to bring that to their attention.

Most reliable contractors are going to include one in the contract. However, if you find one that is being a bit dodgy on the subject, the company is going to be highly suspect.

Ask them about the completion. The company should be able to give you an idea of when to expect it. Say, for example, there is a delay in the project. Make sure the head contractor is communicating this information to you. You cannot take someone at their word.

The day of the verbal agreement and handshake is over. Too many people and situations have become abused with those outdated concepts. You need something in writing.

Say, for example, that the contractor mentions(in passing)that they need to talk to you about some issues with the completion. Pin them down right then and there. Do not wait until it is good for them to talk.

3) You told the contractor that he or she can do any additional work they see fit. Trusting them that much without any written communication is not something you want to do. You should never trust anyone that much.

Do you want to have some more work added? Communicate those instructions to the contractor. After that, have them include everything in the revamped contract. Include everything that is tweaked, and what it is going to cost. That way there is no confusion.

The Fourth and Final Note To Mention:

Avoid open contracts at all costs. A lot of homeowners have been burned by going this route. The contractor can easily throw something in that you are not expecting. Guess what? Those additions will be for their benefit, not yours.

Get everything in writing, including lien and insurance issues.